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S.H.Figuarts Hyper Kabuto

May 29, 2011

I got Hyper Kabuto in Taiwan awhile back but I have been kind of busy for the past few weeks so I have been pushing it aside all these time.  However since I finally have some free time in my hands here is the review that I have been meaning to do since March!

Hyper Kabuto:

Manufacturer : Bandai
Scale : N/A
Series : S.H.Figuarts
Original : Kamen Rider Kabuto
Release Date : Early Dec., 2010
Regular Price : 3,500 yen  about 42.9 USD

It comes with all these pieces.

Hyper Clock up! Perfect Zecter !

Very well painted and easy to pose.

All Zecter Combine.

I own a lot of figures and most of them always have paints that over laps but this doesn’t have any and I’m surprise.

“Walking the path of Heaven, the man who’ll rule everything.”

Maximum Hyper Typhoon!!

The see through win is just amazingly beautiful.




Maximum Hyper Cyclone.

This figure is really well made and I love all the movable parts of it.  Its the first Kamen Rider figure I bought since I got into the series and without knowing much about SHF I am completely satisfy with their craftsmanship.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. May 29, 2011 5:04 pm

    Oh wow!! I really like it! I see you’re really into Kamen Rider now. 😀

  2. Blacksun88 permalink
    June 3, 2011 12:41 pm

    great review indeed ^^

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