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Helping a Friend to Get His Blog Out There

August 11, 2011

(Picture is taken by me when I was in Taiwan last year during a manga convention.  Felt like this is somewhat related to this post since we should support my friend’s conquest so he doesn’t result like this, hahaha)

Just as the title said this post is just me trying to convince some of my reader to go visit a newly created blog that my friend made, The Helpless Romanticist.

Here is a quick summery of what he writes about, he write about his one-sided love life watching over his best friend (who he love, but not sure if she likes him back).  I know it might sound boring, but once you read his posts, his writing style really pulls you in. I really hate reading long posts, hence why my blog posts usually have a lot of pictures but minimum texts, but for some reason I cannot get enough of his writing!  It’s like the feeling you get when you got your hands on a really good manga that you just can’t put down even though your house is on fire (maybe not…but you get the point).  His posts also makes people want to cheer for him in his journey to conquest the girl (TWGOK reference~). And I believe many of us have felt the way he is feeling right now in ourlife, but did not have the confident to do anything about it. I recommend this site to many of my female comrades and they all seem to love it and can not believe a guy wrote that.

In the end PLEASE go check him out and give him some advice and encouragement.

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  1. tab permalink
    August 16, 2011 11:12 pm

    stalking old ppl eh?

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