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2011 July Loot

August 23, 2011

Last month I bought quite a few things to entertain my boring school life; I got 3 psp games during the Amazon Three for the Price of Two sale, which took quite awhile to get to my house.  Also went to a local toy store to get a Nerf gun since I felt like it will be a good anti-stress investment (excuses? maybe).

First Nippon Ichi game I ever played and I love it.  Have always been holding back on their checkerboard style strategy RPGg, but after finishing this I might start trying more of their games.  Got to love NIS America for bringing weird Japanese RPGs over!

Have been getting really into the Ys series after Ys Seven, and after completing Ys I & II I am surprise this series isn’t doing as well as other huge (but boring) JRPG titles…

Just started Oath so I can’t say much except that it plays a lot like Ys Seven…which is a good thing.

This is the Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Dart Blaster.

I like how it can basically transform from a giant (but weak) flashlight to a decent size rifle.

Flashlight Mode.

Rifle mode.  I am 6”1 so the gun’s size is really nice.

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