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SEGA Ayumi Takahara Figure

August 31, 2011

Figure Details
Manufacturer: Sega
Series: Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Scale: Non; approx.170mm
Release: July 2011

This is probably one of the most under rated and rare figure (in terms of how hard it is to find) I have ever bought.  I got mine in Taiwan at a second handed figure shop, and because of that she only cost me around $10 USD.  I am not sure the market price for Ayumi is since I have never found any online, but from my own figure buying experience, $10 for a PVC is a very good deal.



She is Keima‘s classmate at Maijima Private High School. Her defining character traits include general cheerfulness and athleticism. She is a rising star in the track and field team at Maijima and quite possibly the fastest person at the school. In the anime and an omake, she is depicted as running recklessly to get anywhere, often running in her haste into walls or people. Although she initially succumbed to upperclassman pressure and her own lack of self-confidence, with the help of Keima, she quickly became an important member of the team. One of her habits is to tie her hair up whenever she is preparing to run seriously.

She claims to have excelled at academics in the past, but due to her devotion to running, it seems that she is not performing as well presently. She is a good friend to Elsie and has appeared multiple times in the manga, cementing her position as a character of some importance. Ayumi is also in Chihiro’s light music band, the 2-B Pencils, where she plays the guitar.

As of late, it has been hinted that she has a Goddess residing inside her heart. There have been indications that she might remember Keima’s “conquest” and she gets visibly angry and flustered by his efforts to expose this potential Goddess, to the point of kicking him violently through a doorway.

Since she was really cheap I expected some sort of flaw, and yes there is.  It’s not really noticeable in person, but yes, that is a dent on her headband.

Booty Shot!

I give this a 10/10 out of my love for this character and for the super cheap price I bought her with.

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  1. September 2, 2011 1:39 am

    Wow, for $10 USD that’s a great pick-up man! 😀 And I see you also bought volumes 4, 5 and 7 of The World God Only Knows in Japanese too, eh? 😀 That’s so awesome!! ^^

    • September 2, 2011 11:11 am

      Better….the manga is in traditional chinese! that way I can read them! >__<

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