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Persona 4 The Golden and Persona 4 Ultimate

September 3, 2011


In this week’s Famitsu Atlus announced Persona 4 handheld port and a Persona 4 fighting game.

This is not really the Persona game I was hoping for, but hey, I am not going to complain. I have always wanted a handheld port of P4 ever since I played P3P. Not only that, Atlus is also coming out a Persona fighting game with the team who brought us Blazblue, which seem like Atlus is milking us for money but I am probably gonna still but it out of my love for the Persona series.

Persona 4 the Golden will be on the PS Vita that is coming out either at the end of the year or the beginning of 2012. The remake will have an extra character that you can establish social link with, new costumes, new cut scenes, and a new dungeon feature that allows you to ask for back up from other players via the 3G/WIFI.

Persona 4 Ultimate will be a 2D fighting game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It will contain characters from P4 and a few from P3. The story will take place a year after the event of Persona 4 during golden week when you (the protagonist) comes back to Inuba to visit our friends. Later that night you will find a weird program that is running on the midnight channel, with closer inspection you notice that it’s Teddy hosting a combat tournament.

Both game is planned to be release on the spring of 2012.





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