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The Truth Behind Why To-Love Ru Ended

December 1, 2010

I have always find it weird how the manga To-Love Ru by Yabuki Kentaro, who done Black Cat, ended in such a rush.  The manga was doing pretty well too according to JUMP and the mentioning of it in other mangaka’s work like Bakuman.

So, as a dedicated fan I am (not really) I tried searching about it on Google, which then lead me to this blog post by zgmfx19a that answered my question.

…Yabuki’s wife Shiho apparently is a fail wife and mother (they had a daughter), and spends much of her time viewing Nico Nico. She slept around with another guy, and “kidnapped” the daughter away while doing so. Yabuki “begged” her to return for the sake of their daughter, but she left not too long after doing so, this time taking their daughter, his laptop and credit cards along. Shiho demanded divorce in March 2009 along with a huge portion of Yabuki’s assets on grounds of personality clash, but when proof are found on her computer that it was her own fault, she demanded cash in exchange for Yabuki’s right to the custody of their daughter, which Yabuki gave in.

-Via ggftw

The other thing I found that really interested me is how Yabuki-san was pushing Haruna away, basically removing her from the manga towards the end because she was modeled after his ex-wife.

Haruna was actually a character based on Shiho, and thus it’s pretty obvious Yabuki is shoving her behind and bringing up Yui to the spotlight, which explains the awesome-ness of Yui suddenly blossoming out of the blue. The fact that Shiho has demanded more money from Yabuki due to the fact that Haruna is based off her made Yabuki cut the appearances and roles of Haruna further (yes Shiho a beetch), and ultimately end the manga prematurely.

However, as Saki Hasemi revealed in a comment in volume 18, they wished to get TLR back on track asap. Rumors are that they will just remove Haruna from the series, and it will be good to continue. I certainly do hope things work out in their favour, since it sucks to be in Yabuki’s shoes. And honestly, TLR is really great.

This of course lead us to his newest manga release of the continuum of the To-Love Ru series, To-Love Ru Darkness which focuses on more Momo and Yami, and how Momo is trying to build Rito a harem.

Summer of To-Love Ru Darkness:

Even though this is a sequel to To-Love-Ru, all of our main characters make an appearance along with some new additions. Rito continues to be caught in over-the-top uncensored ecchi scenarios. The alien Deviluke sisters still use their unique abilities to grab Rito’s love confession. Nana and Momo have transferred into the school and meet Mea, who seems to be a worry free and joyful girl. Momo in particular wants to share Rito and create a harem for him. While scheming her plan, she confronts Golden Darkness also known as Yami (The Japanese name is Konjiki no Yami). They are interrupted by possessed students who begin to fight with abnormal strength. Now the new plot line appears as a mysterious person who is in control of the students tests Yami’s assassination skills. Who is this new enemy?

-Via Mangafox

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  1. raikage permalink
    December 3, 2010 8:54 am

    Very interesting note, but I hope that haruka stay in the manga.

  2. raisk permalink
    December 8, 2010 6:17 am

    Yes! Yes! Remove Haruna from the series. Bitc*** shouldn’t be in a manga fantastic like this one.

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